I seem to be a fake woman.

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I seem to be a fake woman.

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Wen Qi once again made a mistake, his mood is extremely complex, how to do, early know oneself through their own brush Gong bucket, won his attention, is not with false pregnancy this kind of damage. The royal family has a lot of disputes, not to mention which man would like his woman to be touched by others? Wen Qi knows this. Wen Qi sighed one breath after another in his heart, and was not a little happier until the contest began. Hearing an order, all the beautiful girls immediately picked up the brush and brushed the bucket. The water splashed and the smell was charming. Wen Qi's face became darker and darker. As a result, she turned to see that everyone was cheering for the players. Wen Qi felt that her endurance was not enough to fully accept it. Ha ha ha, I heard that Duan Guiren came out of such an environment. "No wonder I always smell a smell in the palace. It's coming from him." "It is said that he is a child brought by witchcraft, and no one can say for sure whether it is your Majesty's.." Wen Qi listened to the sarcasm of the male pets around him and smiled: "What I take is ambergris bath. About the child in my belly, are you slandering the emperor?" Chapter 93 avoid making trouble for no reason. "We didn't say that. It's better for the noble not to make trouble for no reason." A boy pet covered his mouth and nose and chuckled. Su Qi, Jiang Ba, Lu Jiu, I make trouble for no reason? Just now you said the word witchcraft. Well, now let the emperor send someone to your bedroom and mine to find out if there is any so-called witchcraft! Lu Jiu took a surprised look at Wen Qi,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, he thought that the imperial concubines in the cold palace had been worn out, it was impossible to have a head-on confrontation with them, they are the red man in the eyes of the emperor, how dare? Who expected in front of Wen Qi is who speak to fight back, no wonder he heard Yin Yi's wail a few days ago, the original was the whole of the miserable. Just now I just played a little joke on my sister,ultrasonic spray nozzle, and please don't blame her. Wen Qi: Don't call me sister? When were you born? "I was born in the leap month of the millennium," said Lu Jiu shyly. Wen Qi: "I see. I am indeed younger than you." Su Ba, Jiang Qiben and Lu Jiu are sisters on the same front, and Lu Jiu is usually the leader. They bully whoever they say, forcing the male pets in the palace to jump off the cliff, jump off the lake, and be caught in a net. The relationship between the three of them is inseparable and unbreakable. But listen to Lu Jiu by Wen Qi said, the feeling of carefree in the heart is beyond words, can only pretend to be angry. Wen Qi took a sip of wine. "Ask before you speak. Don't shout, OK?" There is no necessary connection between him and them, relying on the mother and son, relying on the favor and arrogance, ultrasonic dispersing machine ,ultrasonic handheld welder, what's wrong? Should this unhealthy trend in the court be suppressed? Wen Qi looked at the palace banquet placed in front of him, eating more vigorously than anyone else, and the boy pets chewing slowly behind him could hardly tell whether Wen Qi was more like a man or himself was more like a man. On the stage, the eunuchs stood behind the imperial concubines in the cold palace to count, constantly reporting their numbers, so as to enhance the vigilance of other imperial concubines. Everyone really exerted twelve points of strength, their hands kept swinging up and down, and the nails dyed red by impatiens had a faint tendency to split. Wen Qi was afraid that he would not be able to eat, so he simply turned a deaf ear to the outside of the window and stared at a dish to eat. Sipping a mouthful of soup and eating a piece of Dongpo meat, the eunuch counted and he took another sip of tea. If you concentrate on one thing, you will not be disturbed by other things. But when the eunuch called a halt, Wen Qi wiped his mouth, sat up straight, and looked at his colleagues enchanting. The old eunuch went round and round, looking at the numbers in his hands. Wen Qi held his head, and now he was full. He might as well see which lady's skillful hand had won the chief. He specially looked at his little sister, only to see the little sister standing confidently in the middle of the team, compared to the people around him who looked aggrieved, the little sister from the momentum on a higher level.
"The winner of this round is Qi Guiren!" When Qi Guiren took a step, Wen Qi looked down and saw the little sister take a step. His eyes lit up and he quickly applauded: "Good!"! OK There was silence under the stage, and all the ministers' eyes turned to him. Wen Qi applauded to himself, and the others quickly followed suit. Qi Guiren looked at Wen Qi, blinked, Wen Qi lips raised, the little sisters can also leave the cold palace. At the end of the contest, when the emperor rewarded the first winner, he asked where the first winner would live. Qi Guiren looked at Wen Qi and said, "I want to live closer to my sister." Emperor She did not know where her sister lived. They thought it was one of the thousands of palaces. Who would have thought that the place where Wen Qi lived was the Hall of Mental Cultivation where the emperor slept? The emperor finally only said a "good" word, then there is no following. The next day, Qi Guiren was placed in a palace next to the Hall of Mental Cultivation. After Qi Guiren came, he would sit in Wen Qi's bedroom every day, touch Wen Qi's belly and chat with him. It's nice not to have to brush the bucket. Wen Qi: "I feel like you love to brush.." If you don't love it, how can you be the champion of the bucket brushing contest? How can you be happy to hear that you are the fastest to brush the bucket? Qi Guiren: "Who is not spoiled at home to grow up?"? Do you think those sisters love to brush.. No one loves it. But there was no way. It was useless for the civil and military officials of the Manchu Dynasty to write a letter asking them to play. Anyone who had been stuffed into the emperor's side would be sent to the cold palace by him in any name. "Then I didn't ask for favor?" Qi Guiren: "Weren't you wronged?" Wen Qi: "I was wronged. It was a charge imposed on me by the dog emperor." No, he just asked for favor. Qi Guiren sighed and said, "Hey, we are both fallen people from the end of the world. There are thousands of miserable sisters in the cold palace. There is only one contest to brush the barrel a year, and no one can be like you, who is a descendant of the dragon." In the cold palace,ultrasonic dispersion machine, dark, everyone is working towards the champion, even though they were trained from childhood to become the etiquette of the imperial concubine. fycgsonic.com

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Re: I seem to be a fake woman.

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