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A thousand mountains

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"It doesn't matter. The princess is very kind and easy to talk to. I told the princess that it would be all right." Xiaotang said, "I think the princess must have a lot of books that Shizu hasn't read." Younger Martial Uncle Ouyang smiled, knowing that Xiaotang was tempting him, and said, "Even if you are a master, you dare not say that you have read all the books in the world. Isn't it normal that you haven't read any books?"? Chuang Tzu also said, "My life is limited, and knowledge is limitless." "What is boundless? You are all people who like to read books. If you can see the book you like, isn't it good?" The reason in Xiaotang's eyes is quite simple. 、 Younger Martial Uncle Ouyang thought, it seems that this thing has to be done well, otherwise, it is really not good to see Princess Xie's private collection of books. Xiaotang had lunch at Uncle Ouyang, and then Uncle Ouyang wanted to take a nap, so he went to Wen Dao Tang to refute the rumor. In the evening, he went to Jiangbeiling. Sure enough, as soon as Xiaotang told the rumor, Jiangbeiling waved his hand and said solemnly, "When I was young, I swore that I would only be a teacher and a craftsman, and I would never hear anything about officialdom again.". Don't ask me. The book was returned to Xiaotang, showing a face of not accepting gifts and not doing anything. Xiaotang looked at the book that had been returned, and his lips went straight. Even if he returned the book, you also read it, old man. Xiaotang refused to go. He sat beside Shizu and said, "Shizu, at least show me the way." "Ming Lu." Although he did not accept the gift,portable gold wash plant, after all, he had read the book of his disciple Sun. Jiang Beiling was not good at not selling his disciple Sun's face. He picked up his beard and took a sip of tea. He said slowly and vaguely, "Everything has its cause and effect. Most of what you see is the cause and effect. Where is the cause? You have to think more about it." Xiaotang still wanted to listen, but the old man had closed his eyes and pretended to be dead. Xiaotang was also used to seeing his master put on such a garrulous face. He had no choice but to pack up the book and said, "Then I'll go." Turn around and send the book to Uncle Ouyang. Xiaotang admitted that his wisdom was limited. He went back to the mansion and told Princess Xie about the different responses of Shizu and Uncle Ouyang. Princess Xie was very satisfied with Xiaotang's ability to handle affairs. "I know. You go to rest first." Xiaotang had nothing in mind and said, "If Uncle Ouyang does a good job in Wen Dao Tang, empress, can you let him go to your study to have a look?"? "I told Younger Martial Uncle that you had a lot of good books, but he was so greedy." Princess Xie said with a smile, "With Xiaotang's face, it's all right for your uncle to think of my study now." Xiaotang smiled and felt that Princess Xie was very interesting, so he went back to his room to rest happily. Princess Xie was very relieved at Ouyang Jing's promise. Uncle Ouyang's name was a mirror. It was said that the night before Ouyang Jing was born, his family had dreamed of a very dazzling mirror with seven colors of divine light, so they gave him this name. With the identity of a close disciple of Jiangbeiling, gold cil machine ,sodium cyanide price, I think Ouyang Jing can still handle the matter of the Taoist Hall. What Xie Mo Ru considers carefully is the words of Jiang Beiling, where there is an effect, there must be a cause. What does this cause refer to? No, it won't be the East Palace. Jiang Beiling is not so superficial. But if not for the dispute with the East Palace, how can there be rumors? Xie Moru believed that the rumor of the imperial seal could not get rid of the relationship with the East Palace. But if this is not the cause, then where is the cause? Jiang Beiling said this, not necessarily to Xiaotang, Xiaotang forecast, more by intuition, not good at thinking. Jiang Beiling asked him to think more, but Xie Moru thought about his life of more than thirty years and did not think of where it had something to do with the imperial seal. The imperial seal. Xie Mo was blessed to her soul in an instant. Her thirty years of life had nothing to do with the imperial seal, but her mother clan had been infinitely close to the imperial power. Is it difficult for Jiang Beiling to remind her of the past? Or is it an old story of the Fang family? Xie Mo Ru instantly figured out all the arrangements, why would he say that King Jingjiang had the imperial seal? First assume that King Jingjiang there is indeed the imperial seal of Chuan Guo? But how did the imperial seal come from? From the Fang family or the Fu Sheng Mansion? As night fell, Xie Moru's eyes did not know where to look through the deepening night. For a moment, he called Wisteria to come in and hold the lamp.
Candlelight dispelled the darkness, reflecting the whole room as bright as day, Xie Moru ordered, "Send someone to Shangshu Mansion to say, when the old Shangshu is free, ask him to come over." The Wisteria answered softly. Chapter 303 the sixth of seizing the throne. Xie Moru sent someone to her mother's home in the evening to send a message. Mrs. Xie was quite worried, wondering if there was something important. Otherwise, according to Xie Moru's mind, she seldom sent someone in the evening. But the steward Mammy who came to send a message said, "When the old minister is free, go there." This is obviously not too urgent. After sending away Mammy, Mrs. Hsieh discussed with her husband, "What's the matter with the empress?" Xie Shangshu was not deaf and blind. After a little thought, he guessed one or two things and said, "It's about the imperial seal." The woman in Mrs. Hsieh's family, whose news was a little sluggish, was startled when she heard this. "Imperial seal?" These five princes haven't sat on the crown prince's throne yet, how did the imperial seal happen again? "Oh, now the emperor has some rumors that the five princes have found the imperial seal in the library of King Jingjiang." Xie Shangshu told his wife. Mrs. Xie said, "really?" Xie Shangshu frowned and said, "At first I thought it was true, but since the empress asked me to go over, it seems to be false." Mrs. Hsieh was a little worried and said, "Your Highness Wu hasn't come back yet. It really doesn't make people live.". You can go tomorrow, and don't let the empress worry. Xie Shangshu comforted his wife, "Don't worry." Xie Shangshu was an important minister in the cabinet. It was already late that day. The next day, he had to go to court to govern. He couldn't get away. In the evening, he went to the mansion of the five princes after leaving the government office. Xie Moru asked Xie Shangshu to go to the study to talk. Grandparents and grandchildren sat down separately. When the maid went up to serve, Xie Moru sent the maid in the room. Fang said,Portable gold trommel, "Grandfather must have known about the rumor of the imperial seal." Hsieh Shang-shu did not hide the truth and said, "If the empress hadn't sent someone over yesterday, I would have thought it was true." Xie Moru was quite puzzled. "Is it difficult for the King of Jingjiang to really have the imperial seal?" 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com

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