A ghost marriage

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A ghost marriage

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Accompanied by a few shrill wails, a pool of black water flowed out of the body of the fetal ghost, and like his mother, there was no movement. Yu Xuan breathed a sigh of relief. He turned to me and said, "Liu Lan, burn the golden statue." I nodded yes, but was surprised to find that the golden statue made into a child's appearance actually shed two tears of blood from his eyes? Yu Xuan asked : "What's going on?" Yu Xuan sighed and said, "They are all poor people. Hurry up and burn them. If we continue to delay, I don't know what trouble will happen." I took out a fire amulet, read the formula and threw it on the golden statue. After the fierce fire, the ghost disappeared in front of us? Yu Xuan and I were relieved at the same time. He sat down on the ground. Yu Xuan wiped the sweat on his forehead and looked at me appreciatively and said, "Liu Lan, you did well today." "I think so, too!" I accepted his praise without modesty and said proudly. Don't get too complacent. You're just not dragging your feet. ? Yu Xuan said a little helplessly. 。 One side of Xu Yun has long been scared to faint in the past, fell in the arms of Sang Yu has not yet woken up, I think compared to me, Sang Yu performed better. She was timid, and before she came, I was worried that she would be too afraid to mess up, but on the contrary, she didn't. Not only can take good care of Xu Yun, but also at the critical moment? Yu Xuan threw his backpack to me. 。 I was about to say a few words of praise to Sang Yu, but I saw that Sang Yu's eyes suddenly looked to one side of the room, and the expression on his face became a little strange. I was startled. Could there be something wrong with him? So I asked, "Sang Yu, what's wrong?" The eighty-fifth chapter of the main text shakes m potential (the fifth watch) Sang Yu stretched out his hand and pointed to one side. Qi Yuxuan picked up the bronze mirror in his hand and looked at it. Two figures, one big and one small, appeared in the bronze mirror. It was the fetal ghost and his mother, and their faces had returned to normal, not as horrible as they had just been. The fetal ghost nestled in the arms of the female ghost with a serene face, while the female ghost looked at him with a loving face. Who says the ghost has no heart? Just now the female ghost tried her best to protect her child. And the ghost sees his mother being hurt. Also angry, I am afraid that this kind of affection between mother and son,outdoor ficus tree, no matter when, will not disappear. Qi Yuxuan sighed, took out a piece of paper, lit the corpse oil of the fetal ghost together, and muttered in his mouth, I knew he was crossing over for the poor mother and son. The mother and son began to become transparent. He suddenly raised his head and smiled at us and disappeared. Qi Yuxuan shook his head and said, "People say ghosts are terrible, but in fact, people are the most terrible." At this time, Xu Yun, who was in the arms of Sang Yu, also woke up. Looking at the mess in the room, he suddenly sobbed and said, "Master Qi, can I be saved?" "Well, it's solved. If you have a conscience, large artificial blossom trees ,Faux cherry blossom tree, you can burn some paper money, snacks, toys and so on for these little devils when you Zhongyuan festival. It's also a bit of virtue." Qi Yuxuan said with a tired face. When Xu Yun heard Qi Yuxuan say this, he breathed a sigh of relief and nodded. Mumbling, he opened his mouth and said, "That.." Master Qi, my career? Qi Yuxuan curled his lips and said, "As I said before, raising a little devil is a matter of damaging Yin De. It will bite back on the master. It is fortunate that you can save your life. Your career.". I can only say one word, do my best and live in peace! With tears on his face, Xu Yun sat there in a daze and said, "I know. I asked for all this. Thank you!" Before leaving, Xu Yun gave us a reward, naturally a lot, I don't know if Xu Yun can think about it, you know, not everyone can bear to fall from the top of the cloud to the bottom of the sea. It was already two o'clock in the morning when they arrived at the pawn shop. Because they had promised Zhang Yan that they would go to Wangquan Township the next day, the three of them packed up and prepared to rest.
But there is one thing that makes the three of us in trouble, that is, where does Sangyu sleep? There are empty rooms in the pawn shop, but they haven't been tidied up. Last time the fat man stayed here and lived with Qi Yuxuan, but Sangyu can't live with Qi Yuxuan, can he? Qi Yuxuan thought about it and said, "Well, Liu Lan, let Sang Yu make do with you for one night first. Anyway, tomorrow we will go to Wangquan Township. When I come back, I will help Sang Yu clean up a room." There was no way out, but Qi Yuxuan seemed to have forgotten a question, so I stammered and said, "Chi Xiaoze.." He is the younger brother of Si Wan. Qi Yuxuan patted his forehead and said, "I almost forgot about this. In this way, I moved the spring bed where the fat man slept before. Anyway, Chi Xiaoze is also.." I know what Qi Yuxuan wants to say, what he means is that Chi Xiaoze is not a person anyway, and it has no effect on Sangyu. I nodded and agreed to move the spring bed to my room with Qi Yuxuan. Chi Xiaoze stood in front of the window. Hearing the noise, he turned around and looked at us coldly. I pointed to Sang Yu beside him and said, "Her name is Sang Yu. She is Qi Yuxuan's disciple. Today she sleeps in the same room with us!" Sang Yu looked at Chi Xiaoze timidly. A bright light suddenly flashed in his eyes under his long bangs. "We've seen it before," he said. I almost forgot that Sang Yu had Yin and Yang eyes and could see Chi Xiaoze. Chi Xiaoze was lying on the bed without saying anything with a cold hum. Sang Yu looked at me helplessly. I patted her on the shoulder and whispered, "Don't pay any attention to him. He's pretending!" It happened that Chi Xiaoze's ears were so smart that he turned over and an eye knife flew over and said, "What are you talking about?" As soon as I was excited, I waved my hand and said, "Nothing!" Say this sentence, I am a little chest tightness, I rely on, this room is mine, you Chi Xiaoze sleep is also my bed, but also suck my blood, but also let me help find the body, unexpectedly still so righteous. But in the past this time, Chi Xiaoze should have been in bed long ago, but just now he was standing in front of the window,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, was he worried about me when he saw that I hadn't come back so late? Thinking of this, my anger suddenly disappeared a lot. I happily helped Sangyu make the bed and planned to sleep with Sangyu. But Chi Xiaoze on the bed turned over and looked at me and whispered, "Come here!" 。 hacartificialtree.com

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