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About love

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Zhou is grinding and rubbing, "Weiqing, I didn't say I wasn't engaged, but I want to finish school." Weiqing snorted coldly, "Are you still going to study for a doctor's degree after you finish graduate school?" By the time she finishes school, he will be old. Zhou said with a cheeky smile, "Oh, I can't run away. What are you worried about?" Beating his back and pinching his legs to serve him. Wei Qing closed his eyes and still did not give up, "Zhou is, the law does not stipulate that graduate students can not be engaged.". Besides, engagement doesn't affect your study at all. Don't use it as an excuse. The relationship between the two people is stable, he recently looked at Wei An and Chen Liyun quite a lot of feelings, thinking that he should also get married and start a career. So I always insist on this point. Zhou was wriggling around on him and said coquettishly, "How can you be like this?"! Who among my classmates is studying with the title of fiancee-can you wait a minute? Weiqing was teased by her breathing, but she knew more and more how to deal with him. She said angrily, "Zhou, I don't care if you move again!" Zhou blinked his big eyes at him. "Do you agree?" Weiqing snorted, "Tell that to my parents." Zhou was happy to kiss him and said ingratiatingly, "Weiqing, I like you best." As long as he doesn't force her, Wei's mother and father can't drive the duck to the shelf. Listen to Weiqing deep sigh, the hero sad beauty pass! Chapter 38 understanding Summer vacation is coming, the students are almost gone, even Bi Qiujing has moved to Tsinghua Graduate School to live, only Zhou is still wandering around the school. Everyone moves in full swing and sweats profusely. As long as Zhou moves things up two floors and moves a little slowly every day, it is the graduate student dormitory. When everyone is in chaos, she can be said to be very leisurely. In her school, there are only two graduate students in the dormitory, the conditions have been greatly improved, and many unreasonable regulations are no longer restricted. Zhou exclaimed loudly, "Socialism is still good, and people's living standards have greatly improved!" As things settled down,PET blow moulding machine, she began to look for a part-time summer job as usual. Weiqing was dissatisfied, "Zhou is, summer is coming, Beijing is very hot, why don't we go out to spend the summer?" Two people rarely stay in Weiqing's small suite, but Zhou Shi kept clicking on the part-time website in front of the computer, and said without looking up: "I don't think Beijing is hot, the temperature is not very high.". Our house is so hot that we dare not go out during the day because of the whole oven. She wants to earn some living expenses during the summer vacation. So far, she has not taken a penny of Weiqing, Weiqing is occasionally to buy her something, she easily refused to accept. Her pursuit of material life is just like that, although she has little money, she is not poor. Occasionally, if you want to buy one or two luxury goods, you will go to work for others for two days, and live a carefree and self-sufficient life. Although he knew that Weiqing was rich, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,bottle blowing machine, there was no big feeling. She is still a student, rich and colorful in spirit, far from being persistent in money. Weiqing was very appreciative of her backbone at first, but now he felt that she was too strange and did not have to work so hard. Close computer forcibly say: "Week is, your husband does not want you to worry because of money.". Making money is a man's business. Zhou was trapped in front of his desk, stared at him and opened his notebook again. "I'm not worried about money. I have a scholarship, but I still want to make money by myself." She deeply felt that the money she earned was quite different from the money given by her parents and relatives. Although it is a little hard, it can increase experience and accumulate experience, which can not be bought with money. Besides, during the long summer vacation, we have to find something meaningful to pass the time. Weiqing hugged her in his arms. "Since we don't have to worry about money, let's go on vacation.". You see, your husband has been very busy recently, and you don't give any expression. Zhou kissed him perfunctorily as a consolation. He really goes out early and comes back late these days. He is very busy. Weiqing jumped up to pack up his things. When Zhou asked him what he was doing, he raised his eyebrows and said, "Let's go to Hulunbeier Grassland to ride a horse. The grassland there is beautiful. Now is the right time to go." He thought Zhou must be very excited, but she said no. "Our teacher opened an art training class outside and asked me if I was interested in being a teaching assistant. It's estimated that the money is not much.". I think I'll just do this part-time job, and I won't look for anything else.
” Wei Qing helplessly, said: "Zhou is, you really want to find a part-time job, just come to my company, there are plenty of jobs.". The price is negotiable. Zhou shook his head, "I don't want to go to your company!" Weiqing is a little depressed, "Zhou is, we all have this relationship, do we still need to distinguish so clearly?"? Go to my company. Why? Unless you're trying to avoid me. "I didn't," said Zhou. These days, because of the engagement, both of them are more sensitive and always argue. Zhou is always sensible to avoid this topic. Weiqing overbearing said: "Since there is no, then come to work in my company, or accompany me to go out on vacation." Zhou Shi made a face at him and said with a smile, "Rabbits don't eat grass near the nest. I don't want to go to your company to be pointed at." He stuck out his tongue and ran into the kitchen to cut the watermelon. Weiqing really had no way to deal with her, and now as long as he argued with her in a righteous manner, she did not argue, so he made jokes and got by with a cheeky smile, which made him laugh and cry, and there was no place to use his strength, so he couldn't even get angry. Just like the engagement, such a vague delay is not the way. The week is the end of the watermelon out, said: "Just ice, can be sweet, eat heat and fire, intended physical and mental health.". Here, have a piece. Weiqing took a bite in her hand and said, "Yes, I'm very serious about the engagement. I hope you can think about it carefully." Zhou nodded, obviously absent-minded. Weiqing said angrily, "Yes, Zhou, did you listen?" Zhou gave him a white look. "I'm not deaf. Of course I heard it.". However, such a big thing is related to my lifelong happiness,water bottling line, so I have to think about it, don't I? Weiqing rubbed his forehead and sighed. "How long will you think about it?"? Two years or three years? Zhou is secretly sticking out his tongue, and it seems that the delaying tactic has failed. gzxilinear.com

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