Pai Pai Novel _ Jade Beauty (Nvzun) Author: Black Mountain Old Demon

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Pai Pai Novel _ Jade Beauty (Nvzun) Author: Black Mountain Old Demon

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Zhao Danzhi's bridal sedan chair was carried across the charcoal brazier by the crowd, and then before getting off the sedan chair, Xuanyuan Shaohua, who had entered the door by car, came out at this time, opened his bow at the gate of the palace, and shot three red arrows at the door of the sedan chair to drive away the evil spirits that the bride might be contaminated along the way. A man of some rank in the royal family personally opened the door of the sedan chair to invite Zhao Danzhi, only to see a slender figure, dressed in red auspicious clothes, embroidered with auspicious phoenix patterns, wearing a bright red scarf. The man gave Xuanyuan Shaohua and Zhao Danzhi a red rope tied into a concentric knot, and they led each other into the palace with the red rope. Inside the palace was a lively scene, with a banquet of seventy or eighty tables, with royal clansmen sitting on the top and civil and military officials sitting on the bottom. They were welcomed into the newly decorated hall. The red wedding invitation was pasted in the center of the hall. Two red candles were burning on the bank. The candlelight flickered, reflecting a couple of newlyweds in the middle of the hall. The laughter of Xuanyuan Shaohua and the blessings of all the people merged into the red candlelight. Perhaps I was the only one who was out of tune with the festive atmosphere. "One worships heaven and earth, two worships the high hall, and the husband and wife worship each other," the ceremonial official shouted. Let the music rise and the ceremony be completed. Then the newlyweds were rushed into the bridal chamber. Although Xuanyuan Shaohua was left by others to deal with the banquet, but later, she will enter her and Zhao Danzhi's new house, she will take off his red scarf, they will drink a cup of wine, they will be together. This is the wedding banquet of the royal family. All kinds of delicacies are precious and all kinds of music are exciting. The female emperor sat in the top seat, next to the concubines, and then the empresses. I sat at the end of several empresses, and it was the five empresses, Xuanyuan Shaoyu,juice filling machine, a very young girl, who also said a few words. Then she looked at me again, touched her chin, frowned, and tutted. I am puzzled to touch my face, is there anything on my face? "Like!"! It really looks like it! Xuanyuan Shao said to himself. Like what? I asked. You looked familiar to me the first time I saw you, and now I know who you look like. You are really like Xiangfei's father. I can't imagine that there are such similar people in the world! Said Xuanyuan Shaocheng. Xuanyuan Shaohua happened to pass by. When he heard Xuanyuan Shaohua's words, he said, "Hey, if the fifth sister hadn't pointed it out,CSD filling line, I wouldn't have found it. I always thought Yu Ling was congenial. Now I want to introduce you to my father. Come on, Yu Ling." Xuanyuan Shaohua could not help but take my hand to the corner of the female emperor's concubines, and saw an elegant, dignified and beautiful middle-aged man opposite, and saw Xuanyuan Shaohua coming up, showing a happy smile. My father has lived in Qingliang Temple for many years. If I hadn't got married this time, he wouldn't have gone down the mountain. He must introduce Yu Ling to his father. Then he went to the man who was called Xiangfei. After listening to the introduction of Xuanyuan Shaohua, the man turned his head gracefully, looked at me and smiled at me. Seeing Xuanyuan Shaohua and her father chatting happily, I quietly stepped down. The banquet was in progress, but the female emperor was present, and the people did not dare to eat and drink freely. Half late, the female emperor got up and said that she would not disturb the young people, so she led her concubines to retire. Although the father of Xuanyuan Shaohua, Xiangfei, was reluctant to give up, she also went back to the palace with the female emperor. As soon as the female emperor left, the air pressure suddenly rose, and the atmosphere became lively. Many officials who had a good relationship with Xuanyuan Shaohua went up to toast Xuanyuan Shaohua, PET bottle Mold ,Edible oil filling machine, and Xuanyuan Shaohua drank it very readily. She drank because she was happy, because today was her wedding night. I also drink, but I drink, because today is the wedding night of the person I like and someone else. One cup after another, without interruption, the spicy liquid slipped through my throat and burned my heart. I wish I could get drunk and forget my unhappiness. Usually drank so much early drunk, but tonight, the more he drank, the clearer his brain, saw Zhao Danzhi's face flashed in front of his eyes, stretched out his hand, but grabbed an empty. Behind me, someone stopped me from raising my glass. My eyes looked from the glass to the man's hand, along the hand, sliding to the man's face, one, two, three faces, how so many faces, can not see the face of the person in front of me, I shook my head, fixed the focus, looking at the person in front of me. You're drunk. The man's thin lips opened and closed. I'm not drunk.
"I pushed away the man's hands, but I couldn't push them." I'm really not drunk. I know you're Jiang Hong. No, Jiang Qing. " With a wave of his hand, he tilted his head and frowned. "Are you Jiang Hong or Jiang Qing?" "Jiang Hong." I nodded. I have a dull pain in my temple, and I can't open my eyes. Frown and rub your temples. Let's go Jiang Hong picked up my arm, I struggled, but could not break away from his hand, let him half carry me, walking at random. Like sitting in a boat, the foot is floating, the only fulcrum is the strength of the arm being pulled. My body swayed, and my stomach swayed with it. Suddenly, something rushed up my throat. "Ew!" The contents of my stomach poured out. It was out of control. I bent over and let the contents of my stomach roll up. On the back, came a caress. Very not easy finally controlled, have a gap to speak: "Water, water..." "You're here. Don't go away. I'll be right back." The hands on my back suddenly disappeared. I swung my sleeves, wiped the corners of my mouth, and looked up for the hands, but there was no one around, only in the distance, the lights were red and the voices were noisy. Random forward, no direction, no purpose. Today is Wang Ye's wedding day. Even the bodyguards in the mansion are rare. Occasionally, they pass by me in twos and threes and stop me. When they see me, they let me go. The voice of the bodyguard rings faintly in their ears: "Miss Shi, over there is.." I can't go. The sound was so far and near that people could not hear it clearly. Walking on, the figure is getting smaller and smaller. Suddenly I heard a voice: "Wenxuan, Wenxuan, come with me to serve some food to the prince." Wenxuan? Wenxuan! Hearing the name I yearned for day and night, I immediately followed the sound, bent through a corridor, and came to a courtyard, where the red light flickered. Wenxuan. Thinking of the gentle man, he approached the red-lit room with a trembling step. Pushing open the unclosed door, the line of sight is full of red, the window is red happy characters, the table is red candles, red bed,water bottle packaging machine, bed is surrounded by the whole red people, covered with red scarves, dazzling red.

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