Collected Works of Liang Qichao: Random Thoughts

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Collected Works of Liang Qichao: Random Thoughts

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The opening and strengthening of the Jingshi Society is also the rise of Shanghai. The capital will be banned, and the Shanghai will be abolished. And Huang Gongdu proposed to continue the rest, open a newspaper office, to see the book. Go to the capital in March, to Shanghai, the beginning of Gongdu. In July, "Shiwubao" was opened, and Yu was in charge of writing. His career in the newspaper office began, and he wrote books such as "General Discussion on Reform" and "List of Books on Western Learning". In the winter, Gongdu Jane was sent to Germany as an envoy, and he asked her to accompany him, but Gongdu made him stop working, but to no avail. Wu Tingfang, an envoy to the United States, Japan, and the Secretary General, was appointed as a counsellor and resigned. Wu Gu, please, in the past years, since the end of the resignation, full-time newspaper. In April, Wang Wenshao, the governor of Zhili, Zhang Zhidong, the governor of Huguang, and Sheng Xuanhuai, the minister of Dali Temple, were sent by the Minister of Railways with the title of Zoubao, but I didn't know it. Then come with the letter, stick to the memorial to the throne, in order not to be sent to leave. Zhang Zhidong repeatedly invited, to the shogunate, solid words. At that time, Tan Fusheng lived in seclusion in Jinling, and went to Shanghai every month. Fu Sheng wrote "Benevolence", and every time he wrote an article, he discussed it with each other and governed Buddhism with each other, so Fu Sheng was a good person. In October, Hunan Chen Zhongcheng Baozhen, Jiangdu Xuebiao, hired the main Hunan Shiwu School lecture, on it. At that time, Gongdu served as an inspector in Hunan, and Fu Sheng also returned to Hunan to assist in the governance of the township, and the comrades in central Hunan were extremely prosperous. Not long after, the German separatist regime of Jiaozhou Bay started, and the worries of dividing up shocked the whole country, while the founding of the Southern Society in Hunan was regarded as the basis of local autonomy, which I quite praised. The school of current affairs also pays tribute to spiritual education. He was handed over to Liu Peicun, Lin Gu, Tang Cheng, Li Hucun, Lin Shutang, Tian Junyi, Cai Shushan and so on. Next year Wuxu,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, year 26. Spring, a few died of a serious illness, go to see a doctor in Shanghai, both, is into the capital. Mr. Nanhai opened the Security Council, and Yu Duosuo praised the painting. In April, with the recommendation of Xu Shilang Zhijing and the re-recommendation of the Premier's Office, he was summoned and ordered to handle the affairs of the University Translation Bureau. At that time, the imperial court was determined to carry out political reform, and Baidu was updated. Mr. Nanhai was deeply known by the Lord. He listened to the admonitions and actions. He resurrected his life, Gu, Shuyu, and Pei Cun, and participated in the new policy with the capital ministers. I also worked hard after the gentlemen. Coup in August, six gentlemen shed blood for the country, the South China Sea with the British out of danger, the rest of the Japanese Oshima warship to the east. It has been four years since I left the country. From September of 1898 to Japan, in October, he and other comrades in Yokohama's business circles planned to set up the Qing Yi Bao. From then on, he lived in Tokyo, Japan, for one year, and was able to read the Oriental language a little, which changed his thinking. In July of the year of Jihai, Fu and Binren jointly set up the Higher Datong School in Tokyo, which was used as a preparatory course for mainland students, that is, today's Tsinghua School. It was inspired by Mr. Nanhai that the American business comrades began to set up the China Reform Association. In the winter, ultrasonic generator driver ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, Americans are invited to travel and should be invited. On the first way in November, he left the island of Hawaii, where more than twenty thousand Chinese businessmen stayed, and because of their temporary stay, he created the Hawaii Restoration Society. In order to cure the epidemic, the route was blocked, so he lived in Hawaii for half a year. By June of the year of Gengzi, Fang wanted to enter the United States, but the changes in Yihe had already taken place, and the news from the mainland was jittery and changing day by day. Already and repeatedly received letters and telegrams from the mainland, urged to return home, then returned to Ma Shou and west, compared with Japan, has heard the report of the fall of Beijing. Returning to Shanghai in a hurry in July, Fang Si was effective. The next day after arriving in Shanghai, it was difficult to work in Hankou. Tang, Lin, Li, Cai, Li, and Fu Zhulie died one after another. Neither public nor private affairs were saved. He stayed in Shanghai for ten days, then went to Hong Kong, then crossed the South China Sea, visited the South China Sea, went to India, traveled to Australia, and responded to the move of the Restoration Society. Living in Australia for half a year, from west to east, and returning after a week around the continent. Xin Chou returned to Japan in April. You come to live in seclusion in the East, and suddenly you are more than one year old, and what you want to do is different. But every day as a slave of words, empty words, can not make up for the difficulties. Ping Dan thought to himself, only to feel ashamed. Take into account my ability and strength, and my position today, without this, there is no way to fulfill the national responsibility in case. Although this matter is small, it is also safe. Over the past year, I have tried my best to draft a general history of China to help the development of patriotic thought. However, as time goes by, I have not yet been able to achieve two tenths. However, in the spring of this year, Xinmin Cong Bao was published, and in the winter, New Novels was published again, describing what he had learned and embraced, with the quality of the people with lofty ideals in the world, hoping to be a help for the Chinese people. Whoo-hoo! The country is more difficult, the years are like a stream, the body is small, and the burden is heavy. My friend Han Kongguang said in his poem: "There is no hero under the tongue, and there is no hero under the pen.".
"Alas, the life of pen and tongue has urged me to be middle-aged!"! Since then, so repay the kindness of the people, I do not know how? Every thought, not without soul-stirring, suppressed and who language also. Confucius era 2453 Renyin November, Ren Gong narrated. Miscellaneous Answers to a Certain Newspaper (Excerpt) (September 3, 1906) ! Small @ say # txt $Tiantang & The meaning of this question is very complex, which is beyond the scope of short words. This is a brief description of its bosom. If it is detailed, it will be discussed in different days. If China is engaged in legislation today, whether it should use the spirit of socialism advocated by modern scholars or not is another question, and whether the organization of China's social economy today should be a fundamental revolution or not is another question, which should not be confused. Today, the first problem is solved first, and then the first problem is discussed. I think there is a reason why a social revolution is not necessary in China today, a reason why it cannot be carried out, and a reason why it cannot be carried out. Before this theory, we must first show the concept of revolution. There are two kinds of changes in everything, one is slow and the other is urgent. The degree of its change is slow, due to the surrounding situation, and the direction of life, gradually tends to a new face, its changing times, without too much damage and pain, such as plants, however, from the outside, always the same, and the internal real-time changes, if this is called development, also known as evolution (Development of Evolution). On the contrary, its variability is extremely rapid, not corresponding to the surrounding situation, the old system order is suddenly destroyed, the social chaos and suffering are due to it,ultrasonic cutting machine, if this is called Revolution. It seems to me that the present economic and social situation in Europe and the United States is almost in a state of impossibility without revolution, while the economic and social situation in China can only be developed on the right track with a little supplementary effort, and dangerous revolutionary means are not suitable. Please explain the reason.

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